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GrafXPress Article Manager

Category: Web Based PHP Program
Vendor: GraFX
SKU: ver. 1.6.2 / 03.02.2009

Product description

GraFXPress Article / Newspaper manager, makes it easy to run your own online newspaper or magazine!
If you've always wanted to run your own online newspaper, magazine, fan-zine, GraFXPress Article / Newspaper manager is the perfect solution for you! It's a PHP/MySQL dinamyc solution, that makes more easy to build and maintain your articles. The software is simple-to-configure and incredibly easy-to-use. It lets you get your own online newspaper, magazine, fan-zine site up and running in no time! Save your time and money by keeping articles and news up-to-date and all without hundreds of HTML changes and FTP uploads.

» Features include

  • Easy customization with config script
  • Web-based administration
  • Search engine friendly URL
  • XHTML compatible
  • Based on HTML TEMPLATES, easy to modify at your convenience!
  • Easy install and setup based on browser
  • WYSIWYG editing for the content
  • Multiple languages support, based on language file
  • ARTICLE, EDITOR, USER management
  • Post, edit and DELETE articles/items
  • Powerfull news module
  • RSS / XML generation from news and articles. You can syndicate your headlines and make websites link to you.
  • Preview article before publishing it to the website
  • Hide categories/articles to remove them temporarily from your website. Great for making revisions to the site.
  • Customize the number of articles and featured headlines displayed
  • Sort categories into any order
  • Unlimited publication, you can keep your site like a real magazine structure
  • Unlimited category
  • Unlimited subcategory
  • Unlimited articles
  • Unlimited number of articles attributes
  • Send to friend
  • Print an article
  • Member subscription with e-mail activation (no fake subscription)
  • Disable member
  • Featured article selection
  • View latest articles
  • Newsletter distribution
  • Search engine based on keywords
  • Password protected pages
  • Feedback forms
  • Statistics
  • Database driven for dynamic store maintenance (MySQL)
  • Display articles in thumbnail and full size
  • Able to navigate back and forth through web pages without refresh
  • Upload category, articles, and store images via web browser
  • Paginate your articles automatically

» Customer Testimonials

After endless online searching for the ideal content management system and repeated disappointments, we came across an intriguing package from GrafX Software Solutions. GrafXPress is an outstanding piece of software which carries out its function swiftly and professionally. We were able to set up our site almost effortlessly with personal and admirable support from the team at GraFX. The sheer number of features GrafXPress offers guarantees you won’t need to look anywhere else for your business solution. (Boyadjian Sarkis, Starbase 357)

» Types of license

Community Edition (Free Version)

You're welcome to use it free forever; it won't expire on you, but include a compulsory "Powered by" message with link to http://www.grafxsoftware.com/.



The licensed version of the software includes single-domain license (which will work only on requested domain) and does not include the "Powered by" message, also you will have priority on any kind of support and get discounted price for software integrating your design with the software.

» Sites powered by GraFXPress Article / Newspaper manager

» Demo:

Online demo (demo reset on each hours)
Online demo Administrator areea (user/pass: demo)

» Support Knowledgebase

Commonly asked questions about GraFX Press Article Manager and it's features. Please visit our forum.

» Questions?

Have questions about the software, how it works and whether you should buy it? Well why not ask us?

» System requirements

PHP Apache
Linux or compatible OS Windows or compatible OS MySQL Database

Linux or Windows (or any OS which support Apache/PHP/MySQL), Apache 2.x.x with PHP 5.x.x (may work with older versions but we will not provide support for that version), MySQL 4.x.x or higher).

This product is for free!
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