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G-Dating - Online Dating Site Builder

Category: Web Based PHP Program
Vendor: GraFX
SKU: vers. 2.4.0 / 26.07.2009

Product description

G-Dating Online Dating Site Builder - Makes it easy to run your own online dating program!
If you've always wanted to run your own dating site, G-Dating Online Dating Site Builder is the perfect solution! It's a PHP/MySQL program that makes operating an online dating site fast and affordable. The software is simple-to-configure and incredibly easy-to-use. It lets you get a dating site up and running in no time!

» Features include:

  • Wiretransfer
  • Online visitors/Online Members
  • Language selector for multiple language site
  • Password protected personal gallery
  • Matrimonial / Dating site switcher. This means that you can run it as a matrimonial site, only with Male-Female (Female-Male) or as a dating site (Female-Male-Couple) with multiple categories (Friends, Sex, Swing etc)
  • Abuse on an account (reporting)
  • Preferred person description (only on Matrimonial site type)
  • Contact and FAQ page
  • Drop down menus for profiles, editable from language file.
  • Different quick search and search depend on site type (Matrimonial/Dating)
  • 2Checkout, PayPal compatible
  • Internal Messaging System (like e-mail)
  • Payments can be enables or disabled
  • TRIAL accounts (no posting allowed)
  • Payment reminder on TRIAL accounts
  • Wizard based installer
  • Based on HTML TEMPLATES, easy to modify at your convenience!
  • New accounts for singles or couples
  • Detailed personal information (sex, age, sign, height, weight, hair, eyes, body, studies, profession, languages known, marital status, religion, race, hobbies, smoking and alcohol consumer status)
  • Couple information applied for both persons
  • User may add, edit profile
  • E-Mail activation on subscription - no fake subscriptions
  • Copyright notice will be added to picture (require GD library)
  • Newsletter subscription
  • AD is public or private for members
  • Search engine optimized pages
  • Pictures upload for members (how many, depending on ADMIN)
  • ANTI Spam for mail harvesters, no real mail address will be shown
  • ANTI Spam for new AD from the same IP
  • ANTI Spam for multiple subscription from same IP (with the same e-mail)
  • Search - for members based on specific criteria including age, location, and profiles that have pictures only.
  • Advanced Search - all criterion included.
  • Hide profile from GUEST users
  • Search after nick, ID, e-mail , age, sex
  • Switch to Matrimonial site or Dating site
  • New accounts will be e-mailed to ADMIN
  • Payment reminder on TRIAL
  • Automatic GD Library recognition (version based)
  • Uploaded picture size settings (width, height, picture size)
  • Number of uploaded picture per user account
  • IP unblocker
  • AD validation by ADMIN (can be switched ON/OFF)
  • Multiple languages support
  • AD validation periodicity (how much an AD will stay on the site)
  • Numbers of new AD by a member in one day, to avoid SPAM the site (switchable ON/OFF)
  • Terms and Conditions (editable)
  • Age limit settings for avoiding under aged subscription (with blocked IP if they try - can be switched ON/OFF)
  • Send out newsletters to subscribers with Batch Mailing (avoid PHP timeouts)
  • Number of Batch Mailing sent out to a GROUP
  • Personalized newsletter (Dear )
  • Category management (unlimited category)
  • Total members subscribed on First Page (can be switched ON/OFF)
  • MySQL based database for optimal speed and performance.
  • Automatic resize of user uploaded picture (requires GD library)
  • Select how many AD will be displayed at one time
  • Free updates and bug fixes (until major release)

» Download:


» Demo:

Download the product for test it

» Support Knowledgebase:

Commonly asked questions about G-Dating and it's features. Please visit our forum.

» Questions?

Have questions about the software, how it works and whether you should buy it? Well why not ask us?

» System requirements:

PHP Apache
Linux or compatible OS Windows or compatible OS MySQL Database

Linux or Windows (or any OS which support Apache/PHP/MySQL), Apache 2.x.x with PHP 5.x.x (may work with older versions but we will not provide support for that version), MySQL 4.x.x or higher).

This product is for free!
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