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Category: Web Based PHP Program
Vendor: GraFX
SKU: ver. 1.2 / 22.01.2006

Product description

COMMUNICATION CENTER - Makes it easy to collect garoup feedback!
This software is created for small web projects, for teams who will work directly with client and need his feedback about the status of the project. It also can be used as a small BUG TRACKING system. And it can be defined by ADMIN several users who will be part of the project.

» Features include:

  • Based on HTML templates, very easy to modify
  • ADMIN as superuser, only he can add new users
  • Can be installed very easily from client side to developer side
  • Simply edit config.inc.php and add your database
  • BUG list is separated as OPEN and CLOSED
  • Users receive email notifications about new or modified bugs
  • Multi language supported

» Download:

Click here to download

» Support Knowledgebase:

Commonly asked questions about Comcenter and it's features. Please visit our forum.

» Questions?

Have questions about the software, how it works and whether you should buy it? Well why not ask us?

» System requirements:

PHP Apache
Linux or compatible OS Windows or compatible OS MySQL Database

Linux or Winows (or any OS which support Apache/PHP/MySQL), Apache 1.3.x with PHP 4.3.x or higher (may work with older versions but we will not provide support for that version), MySQL 3.x or higher.

This product is for free!
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