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Source: GraFX 31 July 2009

Sometimes happens, that a dedicated server where are hosted virtual domains to be blacklisted. Either because a user of a domain from the server, or a compromised account, or the server is hacked, undesired emails are sent to people who rightfully list our server to several black lists. In some cases they forget they had singed up to some newsletter, and in these cases is abusive, but you cannot control this. Check the video tutorial at the end of the article.
If we check our IP from time to time at, we will see whether we are listed or not. If our server has an email or account, we receive a notification at these addresses also. Each RBL list has its own delisting policy. This way we can unsubscribe from some of the lists easily, other can cause difficulties.

How you can check if your IP is blacklisted

One of these lists is the one from To delist you have to not only register on the site and use you personal data, they ask the delisting to be done from the IP that is on the blacklist. Usually this thing is almost impossible, the only browser we can work with is lynx. They have another alternative to delist, to send a retest from an email address, but I’ve never got there by mail.

What should we do?

Firstly we have to navigate with the browser and create an account on the SORBS server. We will need this account to avoid the anonymous method with captcha later in lynx. After creating the account we have to sign up on the server with problems (with SSH) and launch lynx


The next step is to login to make sure that everything is working properly. Lynx will ask us several questions about cookies, certificates etc, we have to answer YES to all of these.

Login link

After signing up we have to check whether the IP is in the database (Database check).

Database check for IP

We have to enter the IP in the search window and we will get an answer whether the IP is on the blacklist (as if we didn’t already know) and also the reason why it was listed.

Add IP Here

Why our IP was listed, the reason!

After this we click on SUPPORT SYSTEM. Because the menu is large we will have to use the SPACE button to get to the next page, we enter one more time the IP and we click Continue. The buttons used for navigation are UP/SOWN, do not use LEFT/RIGHT because they stand for previous and next page. Only UP/DOWN and ENTER.

Link - support system

Enter the IP again, but be sure that the IP match.

Enter the IP for verification, must match

The next step is to click MORE.

Click - MORE

It’s now or never. If we are on another IP we won’t get the GET DELISTED message. If the IP is the same (and we have already seen this on a previous screen), than we can get delisted. This is why we can use the regular browser, this link WILL NOT BE SHOWN.

Get delisted link

If everything is OK we are delisted. It can take between 60 minutes and a few hours. We have another information here, how many times was our IP delisted.

Final message ...

We can delist for free 5 times, after that each delisting will be charged (for emergencies) or in 48 hours.