F.a.q.: Control Panel Addons

HOW-TO install ffmpeg, Mplayer, mencoder,FLVtool2 and Yamdi on Plesk Linux based server

A hosting client made a request for some additional server requirement for AdultVideoScript. I’ve found some tutorials on the internet about how to install ffmpeg and other codecs for it. I’ve tried them but there


HOW-TO restart automatically on Linux Kernel Panic if hanging on boot

I’ve experienced that when wanting to restart the system (Linux) this has blocked when booting, having a Kernel Panic.

The solutions were rather bizarre, I had to call the datacenter or to appeal to ticketing system, because none of the provider’s restarts helped (from interface


Web Site hacked, iframe inserted, where to start?

Each day I read on forums, job posts that a site was hacked, inserted some iframes, strange javascript code into index.html or index.php. I think these situations are now common, so I will try to cover some solutions. I will try to offer an explanation and also a workaround.
The security


Spam blacklist unlisting from sorbs.net

Sometimes happens, that a dedicated server where are hosted virtual domains to be blacklisted. Either because a user of a domain from the server, or a compromised account, or the server is hacked, undesired emails are sent to people who rightfully list our server to several black lists. In so


HOW-TO setup Plesk with Samba Share and OpenVPN on CentOS

Plesk Samba Share

In order to use Plesk Samba Share, you must have Plesk installed on a CentOS Linux System.

Once you have Plesk installed:
  1. Point to the administration panel: https:/yourdomain.tld:8443/ and Log in with your credentials


How to find out PLESK admin password?

Sometimes you forgot the admin password for PLESK, so here is a small code to find out the password.

Login into SSH and type:

cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow

Also if you want to login in MySQL use the same trick, a little bit extended.

mysql -u admin -p`cat /etc/psa


Plesk 9.2.x - Postfix SMTP authentication error

postfix/smtpd[24579]: sql_sqlite3 plugin database open error /plesk/passwd.db: unable to open database file
postfix/smtpd[24579]: sql plugin could not connect to host localhost
postfix/smtpd[24579]: sql plugin couldn't connect to any host

Because of a bug or configuration error, the postfix


HOW-TO - Not get Plesk Certificate Error or get rid off "This Connection is Untrusted" message.

It is more and more frustrating when customers call to complain about the control panel - PLESK, provided with your hosting service does not work. They are returned a screen with the following message "This Connection is Untrusted" (in Firefox) or " There is a problem with this website's secu


Automated Remote FTP Backup shell script

Saving the data from the server may be a problem, especially if you forget about it. Unfortunately the solution provided by PLESK is not always the best one, thus we have tried to come up with a backup alternative.

The steps we recommend are :

HOW-TO Setup a PLESK Dedicated Server

(Revision: 3.3.1 - 15 June 2013) After several installations of PLESK on different dedicated servers, we have decided to write a small HOW-TO for other users. Maybe someone will have a better idea and together we can write


HOW-TO configure PLESK with NGinx (proxy reverse)

There are a lot of different setup scenarios for this, but we think that we might come with additional information about how to put it together and solve a lot of issues with webmail or domain aliases. First of all I need to thank to