Web Design Integration

Software implementation?

Now you may have your website functional in 24 hours. This can be made up by Company Website Builder + Design + Content

We provide you with the software, all you need to do is download it, install it and you're up and running. Most probably you will need a different and personalized design to go with your needs. This is where the designer's work comes in.
Below you have a few suggestions
- Free CSS Templates - http://www.free-css-templates.com/css-templates
- FreeCSSTemplates - http://www.freecsstemplates.org
- Template Word - http://www.templateworld.com
- Template Monsters - http://www.templatemonsters.com

These templates are downloadable in HTML and CSS format, but have to be integrated into our software. This may be an easy job for those who have HTML/CSS knowledge, but harder for those without any experience.

Do not hesitate to ask our help in integrating your design with our software!

Our prices vary between 150-300USD, depending on design complexity.

Ask for a quotation right now! Send us your design in JPG format for evaluation.

You have a design, but you do not have your HTML/CSS elements

You can give us a design in any common format. In case you have contracted a designer who did your layout but does not offer slicing services, we can take over the PSD, PNG, AI source files. Evidently, we will need the fonts as well if you have them. Thus, after receiving the files, we evaluate them and we can estimate the integration timeframe. This task usually takes up to 8 hours, and approximately 2-4 hours for the secondary pages, depending on the differences between the homepage and the internal pages.

The cost of slicing is somewhere between 150-300USD, depending on the complexity of the design. Additional pages are calculated separately. To this you'll need to add the integration cost afterwards.

Ask for a quotation right now! Send us your design in JPG format for evaluation.

Our schedule is Monday — Friday, 10:00 am — 6:00 pm GMT+2.
If the size of your file exceeds 15MB, you will need to upload sources or specify a link to the file. Please note that we don't create fully functional websites unless you require it.