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People after are reading our articles about "HOW-TO Setup a PLESK Dedicated Server", "HOW-TO install ffmpeg, Mplayer, mencoder,FLVtool2 and Yamdi on Plesk Linux based server" or any other articles, some of them also ask us to help them to do the job because they don't have the abbility to do it or they don't have the knowledge. So we are here to help you guys!

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You can contact us right now on LIVE HELP or via our contact form. We will review your request and we will quote on how many hours the job will take. Most of the jobs on a server maintainance, secure, optimization are no more then 1-2 hour. But could be more of course. Just contact us and ask for help!

We can help you with any aspect of software development, including server setup and configuration (PLESK), custom development and integration (web based software), customization of software and more. Short-term support arrangements can be a small as one hour, or up to a multi-month development project. We'll work with you to come up with a custom plan that matches your specific needs and budgets.


  • For engagements of less than 10 hours we charge US $40 / hour
  • For engagements between 10 and 40 hours we charge US $30 / hr
  • For engagements over 40 hours we charge US $20 / hr

If you are sure about ti hire us, without contact us before, use this link. You can order right now hours: (1 hour link)

* Up to 1 hour support time per incident: